adult community

English Fellowships
Married Couples
Various, monthly
Men’s Group
Saturday, monthly
Cornerstone (adults, approx 50+)
Saturday, monthly
Women’s Bible Study (40+ adults)
Third Sunday
Kores (women late 20’s to 40)
Second Sunday
Women’s Ministry (all ages)
Women encouraging women
College (18 – 22 years old)
Saturday, 7:30, monthly
Enoch (adults, 50+)
Friday, 8:00pm, twice monthly
Reach (22 to mid-30s)
Sunday, 5:30pm, weekly

Trekkers (adults, approx. 50+)

Saturday, twice monthly
Monterey Park (adults)
Saturdays, twice monthly
Renew I (parents of children & teens)
1st & 3rd Friday 8:00pm
Renew II (parents of children & teens)
Sunday afternoon, monthly
Cantonese Fellowships
Cedar (seniors )
Thursday, weekly 10:15am
2nd and 4th Saturday 6:30pm
Friday, weekly 7:00pm
2nd and 4th Friday 8:00pm
1st, 3rd, & 5th Friday 7:45pm
Daniel (young couples)
2nd and 4th Friday 8:00pm
1st, 3rd, & 5th Friday 8:00pm
Noah (young couples)
2nd and 4th Saturday 5:00pm
Gabriel (young adult)
Saturday, weekly 5:30pm
ACTS (college students)
Saturday, weekly 5:30pm
Mandarin Fellowships
Caleb (seniors )
Wednesday, weekly 10:15am
Eden (college students)
2nd and 4th Saturday 7:45pm
Zion (young adult)
Friday, weekly 8:00pm 
Green Olive (young couples)
Friday, weekly 7:45pm
Living Water (adult & seekers)
Friday, weekly 7:45pm
Ark (adult families)
Friday, weekly 7:45pm